• 25
  • Jul 2011

New Portfolio Piece! Site update!

Don’t judge me for not posting. I have been busy!

First up is the new site design for BeginAgainShoppe.com. The new site just launched. Before you check it out, go read my portfolio entry for the project.


The new site for {link:http://www.beginagainshoppe.com}BeginAgainShoppe.com{/link} integrates email marketing, social media, photo galleries a blog and a solid use of font-size: 36px.

The next project that I am about to begin work on is for my old high school – Morristown Covenant Academy. I have long since graduated, so it will be good to help my alma mater.

Morristown Covenant Academy

And lastly, a secret project that has been brewing at work for the past few months is quickly coming to a close. I am very eager to talk about this one when it is complete.

Talk to you soon! (Hopefully)