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  • Dec 2010

Portfolio Update – December 11’th, 2010

It’s been a few days since my last update, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busily updating the site with new (old) content. Unfortunately there was a death within the circle of my acquaintances and my powers of good were needed there instead of talking on the internet.

SethHorn.com 2008

I no longer have my old Flash-based portfolio website, but you can still access it at {link:https://www.sethhorn.com/site2008}www.SethHorn.com/Site2008{/link}

In case you haven’t looked yet, I have updated my Portfolio with some of my older work from the past few years. It features some of my Flash and ActionScript based work as well as print and package design.

Natural History Museum in Grey, TN Kids Microsite

One of my first professional / freelance projects, the {link:https://www.sethhorn.com/natural-history-museum-in-gray-tn/}Natural History Museum in Gray, TN{/link} still uses this children's micro-site.

DJ Morrison Beautiful World Featured Image

Even though this is SethHorn.com | Interactive Web Design, I have had my fair share of {link:https://www.sethhorn.com/dj-morrison-beautiful-world-cd-packaging/}print and package design{/link}.

Prior to my current work with web standards, WordPress, HTML5, CSS3 and all things “not-Flash”, my emphasis was on Flash-based sites and applications. I still enjoy working with Flash, and I certainly believe that it’s place exists within the experienced web developer’s tool box; but as I continue to add more work and update this site, hopefully you will begin to see how my range and skill with Web Development has increased and matured over the years.