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SethHorn.com v1.0 [2008]

Site Description: This was my original portfolio site from 2008 when I made it for my senior Portfolio Development class in college. I used it as my primary source for displaying my work online up until I launched the current site you are using now. I retired it for a more flexible site as my needs increased past just displaying portfolio work. It is still available online though as an example of my Flash and ActionScript skills.

Seth Horn 2008 Home Page

{link:https://www.sethhorn.com/site2008"}SethHorn.com/site2008{/link} Home Page

Technology Utilized: Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, ActionScript, XML

Website URL: www.SethHorn.com/site2008

Role(s): Design, Development

Launch Date: May 2008

Seth Horn Interactive Design Page

{link:https://www.sethhorn.com/site2008"}SethHorn.com/site2008{/link} Interactive Design Page

Seth Horn Print Design Page

{link:https://www.sethhorn.com/site2008"}SethHorn.com/site2008{/link} Print Design Page

Seth Horn 2008 Contact Me Page

{link:https://www.sethhorn.com/site2008"}SethHorn.com/site2008{/link} Contact Me Page

Seth Horn 2008 Resume Page

{link:https://www.sethhorn.com/site2008"}SethHorn.com/site2008{/link} Resume Page