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  • Jan 2011

The Little Dutch – LittleDutchRestaurant.com

Client / Project Description: This is another example of a website that I worked on while at Lakeway Publishers, Inc. The Little Dutch is a local restaurant that has been around since 1939’s. The current ownership has been managing The Little Dutch since 1973, and in early 2010 we launched their current website – LittleDutchRestaurant.com. The Little Dutch wanted a website that would allow them the ability to post their menu, subscribe users to lunch and dinner specials, and run daily promotions.

LittleDutchRestaurant.com Top Navigation

This is an example of the top navigation for {link:"http://www.littledutchrestaurant.com"}LittleDutchRestaurant.com{/link}. The masthead images rotate on a timed interval using a jQuery animation.

Technology Utilized: Photoshop, Notepad++, HTML, CSS, Javascript (jQuery), WordPress, PHP

Website URL: www.LittleDutchRestaurant.com

Role: Development

Launch Date: January 2010

LittleDutchRestaurant.com Top Navigation

Another example of the top navigation for {link:"http://www.littledutchrestaurant.com"}www.LittleDutchRestaurant.com{/link}.

Little Dutch Restaurant Example Coupons

This is an example of the kind of daily special coupon that The Little Dutch runs regularly on their site.

LittleDutchRestaurant.com Facebook Integration

{link:"http://www.littledutchrestaurant.com"}www.LittleDutchRestaurant.com{/link} has also been integrated with Facebook connections.