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  • Dec 2010

Wink Magazine – ReadWink.com

Site Description: My current position as the Digital Media Director for Lakeway Publishers, Inc. affords me the ability to work with lots of newspapers and magazines. I created this site for one of our specialty magazines. Wink specifically caters to the female demographic. I worked with the publisher of the magazine to ensure that the site design was similar to the magazine itself.

Wink Magazine Cover + Top Navigation

At the top of every page on {link:http://www.readwink.com}www.ReadWink.com{/link} is the magazine cover and primary navigation.

Technology Utilized: Photoshop, Illustrator, HTML, CSS, Javascript

Website URL: www.ReadWink.com

Role(s): Design, Development

Launch Date: January 2009

Wink Magazine Sample Article

Every article on {link:http://www.readwink.com}www.ReadWink.com{/link} comes from the printed magazine. The secondary navigation on the site lists the articles in each issue of Wink.

Wink Magazine Recipe Database

{link:http://www.readwink.com}www.ReadWink.com{/link} offers unique content independent of the print product. One such web-only feature is the online recipe database.

Wink Magazine Hot Spots

Lakeway Area Hot Spots is a regular feature of {link:http"//www.readwink.com}www.ReadWink.com{/link}.

Wink Magazine Neighbors

Morristown: Meet Your Neighbors is another regular feature of {link:http"//www.readwink.com}www.ReadWink.com{/link}.